As a Strategic Partner, Saudi Arabia Participates in the Netherlands Geospatial World Forum

As a Strategic Partner, Saudi Arabia Participates in the Netherlands Geospatial World Forum

RIYADH: The Geospatial World Forum, an international gathering featuring over 300 speakers with expertise in geospatial information, has Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information as a strategic partner.

The four-day forum, with the theme “Geospatial Transition: Powering the World Economy,” is being held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, through May 16.

In the geospatial industry, GEOSA represents the Kingdom both domestically and globally.

The Rotterdam forum, which has more than 55 pavilions displaying the newest innovations in the industry, offers a forum for knowledge exchange and the unveiling of clever solutions made possible by geospatial information.

The authority’s president, Mohammed Al-Sayel, stated in a speech during the opening session that decision-making in the quickly expanding Saudi economy depends heavily on geographic information.

Al-Sayel claimed that by hosting the UN Global Geospatial Ecosystem Centre of Excellence in Riyadh, the Kingdom—represented by GEOSA—has advanced geospatial information management internationally. Within the field of geographic information management, the centre facilitates the exchange of knowledge and expertise between experts.

He continued by saying that the Kingdom has worked to strengthen national capabilities in the field and has constructed and maintained its national geospatial infrastructure in accordance with best international practices.

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