The Qatar Investment Authority Pledges to Help the French Semiconductor Industry

The Qatar Investment Authority Pledges to Help the French Semiconductor Industry

RIYADH: With the announcement of a major investment body announcing its intention to anchor a financial commitment in Ardian Semiconductor, Qatar will enter the French tech sector.

With this action, the Qatar Investment Authority joins a cutting-edge thematic fund created to advance Europe’s semiconductor sector. It highlights its position as a go-to financial partner in important technology subsectors, such as supply chain advancements.

According to an official release, QIA’s strategic focus on this industry reflects its belief in semiconductors’ critical role in driving digital and green transformations across vital industries like consumer technology, mobility, and artificial intelligence.

This programme is a component of QIA’s larger investment strategy, which aims to collaborate with top companies that are at the forefront of innovation.

Notably, QIA has a keen interest in the semiconductor value chain and recently acquired a minority stake in Japan’s Kokusai Electric Corp., a prominent semiconductor manufacturer, in June 2023. This acquisition highlights QIA’s continued commitment to making substantial global investments in this field.

Moreover, on May 13, QIA reaffirmed its commitment to promoting innovation and economic growth in France by announcing its intention to greatly increase its investment partnership with Bpifrance by up to €300 million ($323 million).

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