How your Zakat will help In UAE cancer patients this Eid Al Fitr

How your Zakat will help In UAE cancer patients this Eid Al Fitr

Breast cancer was not a battle Rukayat Aderonke had to fight by herself when Zakat received the diagnosis in 2021. The Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) organization, located in Sharjah, accompanied her on her path to recovery in addition to her family.

The 37-year-old expat Nigerian has declared herself cancer-free and expressed her eternal gratitude to FoCP for providing her with support and a lifeline during her cancer battle.

According to Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, the wife of the Ruler of Sharjah and patron and founder of the charity FoCP, hundreds of cancer patients have benefited from the organization’s initiatives since its founding in 1999. When my insurance failed to cover my treatments, FoCP provided assistance, ongoing support, and genuine care.

FoCP states that cooperation is one of its main principles and bases and that individual donations are greatly appreciated to give cancer sufferers the much-needed help they require As they relaunch their yearly Zakat campaign, “to appeal for financial support to ease the burden on patients and their families,” Rukayat’s example is one of numerous success stories they would like to highlight.

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