“Sustainable Decarbonization Requires Clean Hydrogen,” says the CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen.

“Sustainable Decarbonization Requires Clean Hydrogen,” says the CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen.

RIYADH: According to a senior source who spoke with Arab News, clean hydrogen is one of the most viable approaches to sustain decarbonization and fight climate change. According to Wesam Al-Ghamdi, CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen Co., the fuel is completely carbon-free because when it burns, it creates water.The International Energy Agency emphasized the value of green hydrogen in the energy transition process in its annual report for 2023. Green hydrogen may effectively aid in the decarbonization of a number of industries, including long-haul transportation, chemicals, and iron and steel.

Al-Ghamdi disclosed that the company’s facility in the $500 billion megaproject is expected to be operational by 2026, producing up to 600 tonnes of clean hydrogen daily, which will be exported as green ammonia worldwide.

“Clean hydrogen can be a critical solution for the global energy transition as the global rush toward net zero continues. In some sectors like steelmaking, and from my experience at Maa’den, even in the mining industry, it could be the only answer to achieve substantial decarbonization,” stated Al-Ghamdi. He continued, saying, “NGHC is essential in this transition, supporting international efforts toward a sustainable future for all of us.

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