Iraq Warns of “Danger” While the Violence in Lebanon Rages On

Iraq Warns of “Danger” While the Violence in Lebanon Rages On

While meeting with his Iranian counterpart in Baghdad on Thursday, the foreign minister of Iraq issued a warning about the risks of the violence spreading to southern Lebanon and its potential effects on the Middle East as a whole.

Since October 7, when Palestinian organization Hamas assaulted southern Israel, there has been almost constant cross-border gunfire between Israeli soldiers and militants headquartered in Lebanon. This has led to the ongoing aggression in the Gaza Strip.

A bigger battle has been feared as a result of the recent escalation of communications between Israel and the influential Hezbollah organization in Lebanon, which is backed by Iran and is an ally of Hamas.

Iraq’s top diplomat Fuad Hussein stated, “If southern Lebanon is attacked, it will affect the entire region,” during a press conference alongside acting Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri, who also expressed opposition to a regional escalation.

As he reiterated his demand for an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza, Hussein stated, “The expansion of the war is a danger, not only for Lebanon but for the entire region.”

The Iranian minister made a similar demand, saying that “war crimes” and “genocide” in the Gaza Strip must halt “as quickly as possible, and without preconditions.”

He warned that although Israel “may seek to commit further wrongs and broaden the scope of their aggression” in response to their “failure” in Gaza, Iran will not permit anybody “to harm stability and regional security, even if only a little.”

According to experts, there is little chance of a larger conflict.

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