Workers With Excellent Digital Skills are Needed to Modernize Energy Systems: IEA

Workers With Excellent Digital Skills are Needed to Modernize Energy Systems: IEA

A workforce with the necessary skills will be essential to the energy sector’s capacity to adopt digital technology quickly, an investigation has found.

According to the International Energy Agency’s most recent assessment, technologies will be crucial in facilitating the shift to more sustainable and safe energy systems.

According to IEA, implementing cutting-edge technologies might guarantee emissions reduction, increased connection, and energy efficiency.

“Enhanced digital tools, like those that can assist in matching supply and demand for power, anticipate and identify network faults, or provide customers with more control, will facilitate the quicker integration of renewable energy sources, enhance grid stability, and yield even larger energy savings,” the energy agency stated.

“Yet, the energy sector’s ability to build a workforce with the right skills will depend heavily on the pace of digitalization,” the statement continued.

According to IEA, there are now more digital jobs in the energy industry worldwide. But there’s mounting evidence that it’s still mostly insufficient, which prevents more money from going toward digitization.

According to an EY poll mentioned in the paper, the biggest obstacle to hastening the use of digital technology, according to 89% of participants in the energy sector, is a lack of expertise.

“Energy utilities will increasingly be competing for a limited pool of qualified workers to bridge the skills gap in the sector, as most jobs in the coming years are expected to require digital skills.” According to IEA, this will necessitate more robust and coordinated digital hiring strategies and training initiatives.

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