King Salman Extends Warm Wishes to Muslims at the Onset of Ramadan.

King Salman Extends Warm Wishes to Muslims at the Onset of Ramadan.

As the crescent moon heralds the beginning of the sacred month of Ramadan, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, extends heartfelt greetings to the people of Saudi Arabia and Muslims worldwide. In a poignant address delivered by Minister of Media Salman Al-Dosary, the King emphasizes not only the significance of this blessed month but also the collective responsibility of the international community in the face of ongoing crises, particularly in Palestine.

Ramadan Amidst Adversity:

King Salman acknowledges the challenges faced by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, beseeching the global community to take a stand against the Israeli aggression. This call to action, made more poignant by the timing coinciding with Ramadan, reflects the King’s concern for the well-being of fellow Muslims during this holiest of months.

King Salman-Global Responsibility and Humanitarian Aid:

The King’s plea for the international community to halt “brutal crimes” against Palestinians extends beyond condemnation, urging the establishment of safe corridors for humanitarian and relief aid. In this call, King Salman underscores the duty shared by nations worldwide to ensure the safety and well-being of those enduring hardship, reinforcing the principles of compassion and collective responsibility.

King Salman

Prayers for Peace and Well-being:

In his Ramadan address, King Salman extends prayers for goodness, peace, and prosperity to the Islamic Ummah and the entire world. His wishes encompass a vision of global harmony and security, emphasizing the importance of faith, unity, and mutual respect during this sacred month.

A Reflection on Islam’s Cradle:

Expressing gratitude for the Kingdom’s role as the cradle of Islam, King Salman highlights the honor bestowed upon Saudi Arabia as the birthplace of the Islamic message. The Monarch reflects on the Kingdom’s commitment to serving the Two Holy Mosques and facilitating the spiritual journeys of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, emphasizing the pride and prestige derived from this pivotal role in the Islamic world.

Continued Service and Development:

King Salman’s address acknowledges the ongoing dedication to serving the Holy Sites and developing the Two Holy Mosques, a legacy that spans from the era of King Abdulaziz to the present day. The commitment to ongoing expansion projects reflects the Kingdom’s enduring role in upholding its leadership in serving Islam and Muslims globally.

Recognition of Bravery and Service:

The Monarch extends congratulations to the Kingdom’s soldiers stationed on its borders and all members of the military, security sectors, and state sectors dedicated to serving the nation. King Salman’s prayers for the best reward underscore the importance of recognizing and appreciating the sacrifices and commitment of those ensuring the safety and well-being of the country.


King Salman’s Ramadan address is more than a ceremonial greeting; it’s a call to action, a reflection on global responsibility, and a reminder of the principles that underpin Islam. As Muslims embark on a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, the King’s words resonate not only within the Kingdom but echo a universal message of unity, compassion, and shared responsibility during times of adversity.

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