Alliance Française Khobar celebrates Saudi women entrepreneurs.

Alliance Française Khobar celebrates Saudi women entrepreneurs.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Alliance Française Khobar hosted a captivating event on March 6, bringing together three dynamic Saudi women entrepreneurs. The evening unfolded as a platform for insightful discussions, emphasizing empowerment, and sharing personal journeys of overcoming challenges.

Fostering Community Engagement:

Attended by members eager to delve into the realms of expertise represented on the panel, the event showcased the diverse achievements of Saudi women entrepreneurs. The community gathered to celebrate the achievements and resilience of these women in their respective fields.

Alliance Française Khobar-Multilingual Learning Hub:

Alliance Française Khobar, known for offering French and Arabic lessons at its Al-Khobar location, provided a fitting backdrop for the evening’s dialogue. Conducted entirely in Arabic, the event highlighted the intersection of language, culture, and entrepreneurship.

Diverse Perspectives on Stage:

The three distinguished women on stage each brought a unique perspective and expertise to the forefront. Adwa Al-Harbi, a pioneer in the beauty industry, shared her 17-year journey, emphasizing the importance of creativity, patience, and flexibility for women entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Amna Sidqi Bokhamsin, a prominent novelist and founder of Yaqelon Education Co., emphasized the significance of acknowledging the diverse roles of women, both within and outside the professional sphere. Dr. Laila Abualsaud, a medical doctor turned fashion designer, brought her experience and passion for fashion to the conversation.

Adwa Al-Harbi: Navigating the Beauty Landscape:

Al-Harbi recounted her entrepreneurial journey in the beauty sector, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of establishing a women’s salon with her mother. Beyond her role in the beauty industry, she has also contributed to entrepreneurship education in Saudi Arabia as a trainer for the Empretec program, affiliated with the UN Conference on Trade and Development.

Al-Harbi shared her wisdom: “As women, we need to think outside the box, be creative, have patience, and be diligent. But mostly, we should be flexible.”

Alliance Française Khobar

Amna Sidqi Bokhamsin: Educating Through Philosophy and Music:

Bokhamsin, a vibrant novelist, and founder of Yaqelon Education Co., shed light on her venture, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, where philosophy and music are taught academically. She emphasized the importance of recognizing the varied contributions of women, whether within the professional arena or as the unsung heroes behind successful individuals.

Bokhamsin expressed, “Success is a journey that we share.”

Dr. Laila Abualsaud: From Medicine to Fashion Design:

Dr. Abualsaud, a medical doctor turned fashion entrepreneur, shared her transition from the medical field to founding her fashion brand, Chic Design. As the co-founder of Mizan United Co., specializing in opticals, she encouraged the audience to trust their inner voices and build lasting connections for collective advancement.

Abualsaud remarked, “It’s so thrilling to witness history being written in real-time.”


The Alliance Française Khobar event served as a testament to the resilience, creativity, and diverse talents of Saudi women entrepreneurs. By providing a platform for these inspiring individuals, the event not only celebrated their achievements but also underscored the importance of empowering women in various fields, fostering a collective journey towards success.

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