On Saudi Arabia’s Request, the UN Declares World Conjoined Twins Day

On Saudi Arabia’s Request, the UN Declares World Conjoined Twins Day

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the UN announced that November 24 will be World Conjoined Twins Day in response to a proposal from Saudi Arabia.

Following an initiative put up by Saudi Arabia in cooperation with Bahrain, Morocco, Qatar, and Yemen, the day will now be celebrated annually as of this year.

The purpose of the day is to highlight advancements in the field of conjoined-twin separation surgery and to increase public awareness of conjoined twins.

Abdulaziz Al-Wasil, Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the UN, made a statement in the UN General Assembly and submitted the draft resolution for approval.

According to him, the resolution sought to raise public awareness of conjoined twins at different phases of life. Additionally, he mentioned Saudi Arabia’s pioneering role in the separation of conjoined twins.

Since its establishment in 1990, the Kingdom’s Conjoined Twins Program has provided care for about 139 sets of conjoined twins from other nations. The Saudi government provides full funding for all program operations.

“International and regional cooperation to ensure conjoined twins’ wellbeing and access to the highest quality healthcare, while promoting their human rights,” was the emphasis placed by Al-Wasil.

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