Conjoined Twins from Burkina Faso Arrive in Riyadh for Potential Separation

Conjoined Twins from Burkina Faso Arrive in Riyadh for Potential Separation

Khadijah and Hawaa, conjoined twins from Burkina Faso, traveled to the capital of Saudi Arabia in preparation for a potential separation procedure at King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital.

Following instructions from King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the girls were transported from Burkina Faso to the Kingdom accompanied by their mother.

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center’s director, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, expressed gratitude to the Saudi government for the act, which exemplifies the Kingdom’s superior medical expertise and compassion for underprivileged populations worldwide.

The mother of the twins expressed her gratitude to the Saudi government and people for their gracious hospitality and warm welcome, and she expressed her trust in the skilled Saudi medical staff.

Regarding one of the trickiest surgical procedures performed in contemporary medicine, the Kingdom leads the globe. Around 139 instances of conjoined twins from various nations have been treated by Saudi Arabia’s Conjoined Twins Program since its establishment in 1990. Heading the medical team, Al-Rabeeah has operated on conjoined twins born to impoverished families in 26 different nations 61 times.

The King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital is an integral part of the initiative. The hospital is manned by a highly competent medical team that specializes in difficult pediatric treatment, and it is outfitted with cutting-edge medical facilities and innovative equipment.

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