Russia Claims to have Taken Two Additional Villages in Eastern Ukraine

Russia Claims to have Taken Two Additional Villages in Eastern Ukraine

Russia announced on Monday that it had taken control of two additional villages in east Ukraine. For weeks, Moscow’s soldiers have been applying pressure in multiple ways to the beleaguered Ukrainian army.

The victories come after Russia over the weekend annexed two more communities.

The Russian army ministry reported that after the advances over the weekend, it had captured the villages of Stepova Novoselivka in northeastern Kharkiv and Novopokrovske in eastern Donetsk.

Novopokrovske is located in an area of the front where Moscow has been gradually advancing westward since capturing the industrial center of Avdiivka in February. It is situated north of a settlement that Moscow captured on Sunday.

It seems like practically every week this summer, Moscow declares the conquest of a new settlement in the east of Ukraine.

The city of Kupyansk, where Russia has also been advancing for months, is southeast of Stepova Novoselivka.

Several months after Ukrainian forces retook the city, Russian forces seized Kupyansk at the beginning of their 2022 offensive.

A renewed local offensive in the Kharkiv region was initiated by Russia in May.

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