KSrelief Continues to Provide Medical Care to People in Yemen and Syria

KSrelief Continues to Provide Medical Care to People in Yemen and Syria

According to the Saudi Press Agency, KSrelief, a Saudi humanitarian organization, provided dialysis treatment to numerous patients in May.

The dialysis facility in Al-Ghaydah, in the eastern province of Al-Mahra, Yemen, provided care to 125 patients, 53 of whom received 3 emergency sessions in addition to the 441 planned renal dialysis sessions.

The report also stated that 75 individuals at the center’s kidney disease clinic underwent examinations and consultations with medical professionals.

Fifty-five percent of the patients were female, and forty-five percent were male. Of those receiving treatment, 84% were residents, 1% were refugees, and 15% were internally displaced.

In the meantime, KSrelief has carried out a project in the town of Arsal, in Baalbek, Lebanon, to improve healthcare services for Syrian refugees and the local population.

12,789 patients who used clinics, pharmacies, labs, nursing, community health, and psychological health programs were seen by the Arsal Healthcare Center in May 2024.

There were 59% female patients and 41% male patients among them.

Approximately 41% of the patients were men and 59% were women. Residents made up the remaining 25% of the total, with refugees accounting for 75% of the total.

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