Thai Parliament Speaker Commends Saudi Arabia’s Contributions to Islam and Charitable Endeavors

Thai Parliament Speaker Commends Saudi Arabia’s Contributions to Islam and Charitable Endeavors

During a Ramadan iftar banquet hosted by the religious attache at the Kingdom’s embassy in Bangkok, Thai Parliament Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha expressed his admiration for Saudi Arabia’s significant role in serving Islam and Muslims worldwide. His remarks highlighted the Kingdom’s pivotal contributions to global development, humanitarian aid, and charitable endeavors, underscoring its esteemed position on the international stage.

Recognition of Saudi Arabia’s Global Impact

In his statement, Speaker Matha lauded Saudi Arabia for its unwavering commitment to serving Islam and Muslims across the globe. He emphasized the Kingdom’s pivotal role in advancing the cause of Islam and extending support to Muslim communities worldwide. Moreover, he acknowledged Saudi Arabia’s significant contributions to global development efforts, particularly in the provision of humanitarian aid and charitable donations to those in need.

Thai Parliament Speaker-Diplomatic Gathering and Appreciation

The occasion of the Ramadan iftar banquet provided a platform for diplomatic engagement and appreciation of Saudi Arabia’s contributions. Among the distinguished guests were the Saudi ambassador to Thailand, Abdurahman Alsuhaibani, diplomats representing Arab and Islamic countries, members of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand, and heads of other Islamic organizations. The gathering underscored the importance of fostering mutual respect and collaboration among nations, particularly in matters related to religion and humanitarianism.

Thai Parliament Speaker

Gratitude for Scholarships and Bilateral Relations

Speaker Matha extended his gratitude to the Kingdom for its provision of academic scholarships to Thai students, emphasizing the tangible impact of such initiatives in promoting educational opportunities and fostering cultural exchange between Saudi Arabia and Thailand. He also expressed appreciation for the support of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, highlighting the mutual commitment to enhancing cooperation and understanding.

Role Model for Charitable Work

Highlighting Saudi Arabia’s exemplary role in charitable work, Speaker Matha praised the Kingdom for its generosity and compassion, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. He noted the numerous charitable contributions and initiatives organized by Saudi Arabia, which serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for charitable endeavors worldwide. Through its commitment to philanthropy and humanitarianism, Saudi Arabia sets a commendable example for nations around the world to emulate.

Conclusion: A Testament to Global Leadership

The words of praise from Thai Parliament Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha serve as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s global leadership in serving Islam, promoting humanitarianism, and advancing charitable causes. As nations come together to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and extend a helping hand to those in need, the Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to compassion and generosity shines brightly, reaffirming its position as a beacon of hope and goodwill on the world stage.

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