During the Emir’s First Visit to Dhaka, Qatar and Bangladesh Sign Ten Agreements for Cooperation.

During the Emir’s First Visit to Dhaka, Qatar and Bangladesh Sign Ten Agreements for Cooperation.

DHAKA: On Tuesday, when the Emir of the Gulf state, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, paid his first official visit to Dhaka, signing ten agreements for collaboration.

Prime Ministers Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Tamim observed the signing event, which included agreements on investment, maritime transit, taxation, legal matters, and the formation of a joint business council between Bangladesh and Qatar. The two nations also signed several agreements on cooperation in port management, youth and sports, education, labor, and diplomatic training.

As part of his visit to Bangladesh, Sheikh Tamim met with President Mohammed Shahabuddin. This is the second leg on the emir’s Asia tour, which started on Sunday in the Philippines. During their conversation, Shahabuddin asked Qatar to invest in Bangladesh’s special economic zones.

Following the meeting, Joynal Abedin, Shahabuddin’s press secretary, told reporters that Bangladesh would welcome investments in various sectors, including state-led food supply chains from production to consumption, such as agro-production and processing, food packaging, smart agriculture, and fertilizer production.

Currently, Bangladesh’s leading supplier of liquefied natural gas is Qatar. The US-based Excelerate Energy and the emirate inked a 15-year deal earlier this year for the emirate to sell 1 million metric tons of LNG annually to Bangladesh beginning in January 2026.

Because the Gulf state is a popular destination for migrant workers from Bangladesh, the country also has over 400,000 Bangladeshis living and working there.

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