As Suffering Increases, Iranians are Divided Over the Presidential Elections

As Suffering Increases, Iranians are Divided Over the Presidential Elections

A week from now, Iranians will vote in a presidential election that will decide whether or not to address urgent economic challenges and rules requiring the headscarf to cover oneself.

On June 28, Iranians will cast ballots for six candidates to replace Ebrahim Raisi, who passed away in a helicopter tragedy last month. Five of the candidates are conservatives, and one is a relative reformer.

Iran is dealing with foreign sanctions, economic constraints, and the implementation of the mandatory headscarf policy for women at the time of the election.

According to Hamid Habibi, a 54-year-old shop owner in Tehran’s bustling Grand Bazar, “they promise change, but won’t do much.”

“I’ve watched the campaigns and debates; they speak well, but they need to support their statements with deeds,” he remarked.

Even so, Habibi intends to cast a ballot the next week.

In their two debates, the contenders promised to address the financial issues facing the 85 million citizens of the nation.

The 30-year-old Fariba, who owns an internet store, stated, “I don’t see any improvements, and the economic situation is deteriorating daily.”

“Our lives won’t change regardless of who wins,” she declared.

Some, like Taghi Dodangeh, a 57-year-old baker, are still optimistic.

He declared, “Change is certain,” seeing voting to be both a civic and a religious duty.

However, 61-year-old Jowzi, a homemaker, voiced skepticism, particularly regarding the field of candidates.

“There aren’t many differences among the six,” she remarked. “One cannot claim that any of them is a member of a distinct group.”

Six candidates were approved by Iran’s Guardian Council, with the majority of moderates and reformists being disqualified.

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