On July 24, Israel’s Netanyahu will Address the US Congress: Source

On July 24, Israel’s Netanyahu will Address the US Congress: Source

According to a congressional source who spoke to AFP on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted an invitation to address members of the US Congress on July 24. The request came from leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties.

The visit coincides with increasing pressure on the US ally and Hamas terrorists to reach a long-term truce, as Israel is becoming more and more isolated diplomatically due to the escalating number of deaths in Gaza.

Last week, Biden unveiled what he described as an Israeli three-phase plan that would put an end to hostilities, free all prisoners, and pave the way for the rehabilitation of the ravaged Palestinian territory—all without the support of Hamas.

However, Netanyahu’s administration emphasized that Israel will not stop fighting until its “goals are achieved,” which include eliminating Hamas, which has not responded to the plan. The war that was started by the October 7 assault will continue.

In a letter last week, the four party leaders of the US House and Senate expressed their support for Israel “in your struggle against terror, especially as Hamas continues to hold American and Israeli citizens captive” and invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress.

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