Abu Arish Castle is a Destination for Those Who Love Architecture and History

Abu Arish Castle is a Destination for Those Who Love Architecture and History

The province of Jazan is home to several old castles that date back centuries and serve as important tourist destinations and symbols of the local civilization.

The sites feature centuries-old architectural elements that exhibit identity, values, and customs. They serve as local tourist destinations for those interested in cultural history and include rocks, columns, pottery, writings, inscriptions, and unique ornamentation.

Situated 33 miles from Jazan, the ancient fortress in Abu Arish is hundreds of years old. It is a well-known illustration of the rich historical and cultural legacy of the area.

The castle is 40 meters long on each side and is square in design. At each of its corners are circular towers that support the structure. Its exterior wall has holes on top that were formerly utilized for observation.

Skilled laborers from the area employed local building supplies to construct the castle’s walls, entrances, towers, and arches using burnt-clay bricks, which is the most typical architectural style in the area’s historic cities.

The circular towers, which were utilized for garrisons and guard duties, were constructed with reinforced columns made of rocks, a common design in Red Sea coast castles.

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