In the Thrilling F1 Finals, Saudi Students Shift Up a Notch

In the Thrilling F1 Finals, Saudi Students Shift Up a Notch

Teams from Dhahran took first and fourth place in the Saudi section of the F1 in Schools National Championships powered by Aramco, which took place over the weekend at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, or Ithra.

Shaheen of Dhahran won the title of 2024 national champion, followed by Al-Ahsa’s Venture in second place, Riyadh’s Clad in third, and Dhahran’s Oryx in fourth place, which was a newly introduced prize.

The winners will compete in an international tournament later this year in the Kingdom, representing Saudi Arabia.

An internationally renowned educational initiative, F1 in Schools pushes students to create, assemble, and compete in tiny Formula One cars. “Overtake the Impossible” was the topic for this year.

“With a shared commitment to serving as an incubator of education and youth empowerment, Ithra and F1 in Schools offer young people the knowledge and experiential spaces to develop their ambition and skills to create a bright future for themselves and their country,” stated Maha Abdulhadi, head of F1 in Schools at Ithra, in a statement.

On Saturday, Ithra’s Great Hall was converted into an immersive hub, and until July 13, the emphasis will be on Formula 1.

Anyone over 15 will be able to take a real-time test drive of an F1 car in eight simulators. A virtual reality encounter also provides guests with a genuine sensation of fast-paced action.

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