Israeli Tanks Swarm Neighborhoods in Gaza City; Locals Claim Intense Firing

Israeli Tanks Swarm Neighborhoods in Gaza City; Locals Claim Intense Firing

Residents of Gaza City claimed that Monday’s attacks were among the worst since October 7 when Israeli forces swarmed the city early and sent columns of tanks into its center from all locations.

Emergency personnel were unable to reach the dead, according to the Gaza Civil Emergency Service, because to continuous offensives in Tel Al-Hawa, Sabra, and Rimal to the west and Daraj and Tuffah to the east. The organization suspected that many people had died.

Although they had not yet penetrated much into the three other districts, where locals claimed to have been bombarded all night long into the early hours of the morning, Israeli tanks were currently positioned in a few parts of Tel Al-Hawa and Sabra. They said that other multi-story buildings had been demolished.

According to the inhabitants, one of the Israeli tank thrusts was directed towards the eastern route close to the Mediterranean.

“Where will we go? The enemy is behind us and the sea is in front of us,” asked Abdel-Ghani, a resident of Gaza City, without disclosing his full name.

Like lava erupting from a volcano, tank shells and missiles from the planes are raining down on the buildings and highways. Through a chat app, Abdel-Ghani told Reuters, “People are running in all directions and no one knows where to go.”

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