“MoU Signed Between Saudi Ministry of Investment and Tech Firm Endava to Advance Digitalization Initiatives”

“MoU Signed Between Saudi Ministry of Investment and Tech Firm Endava to Advance Digitalization Initiatives”

Tech Firm Endava Saudi Arabia is poised to accelerate its digital transformation journey through a strategic collaboration between the Kingdom’s Ministry of Investment and the London-based firm, Endava. This partnership, solidified through a memorandum of understanding (MoU), aims to leverage global expertise to enhance digital capabilities across Saudi businesses, in alignment with the nation’s economic vision.

Empowering Digital Advancements

The MoU signed between the Ministry of Investment and Endava signals a significant step towards empowering Saudi businesses with the latest global best practices in the digital sphere. Through advisory, consultation, and implementation services, the agreement aims to support the government’s economic vision by facilitating the adaptation of digital offerings and processes across both the private and public sectors.

Tech Firm Endava-Facilitating Digital Transformation

A key aspect of the newly signed agreement is to assist in the training of technology professionals, enabling them to navigate and drive digital transformation initiatives effectively. By providing essential training and skill development opportunities, the partnership seeks to cultivate a workforce equipped to lead Saudi Arabia’s digital evolution in line with Vision 2030 objectives.

Aligning with Saudi Vision 2030

The collaboration between the Ministry of Investment and Endava underscores the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive to technological innovation and growth. By facilitating international firms’ establishment of operations in Saudi Arabia, the partnership supports the broader goal of transitioning towards a knowledge-based economy and advancing digital initiatives outlined in Vision 2030.

Tech Firm Endava

Endava’s Commitment to Saudi Arabia

David Boast, Managing Director of MENA at Endava, commended the Ministry of Investment for its proactive approach in enabling leading technology companies like Endava to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s digital future. Boast emphasized Endava’s unwavering commitment to the Kingdom and its people, highlighting the company’s mission to make a profound and lasting positive impact on societies and economies.

Investments in Saudi Arabia

Endava’s strategic investments over the past two years underscore its dedication to bolstering its presence in Saudi Arabia. The firm has been actively engaging with the Kingdom’s largest players across various industries, including banking, finance, and energy. These investments reflect Endava’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving digital excellence within the Saudi business ecosystem.


The partnership between the Ministry of Investment and Endava marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey. By leveraging global expertise and fostering collaboration between government entities and leading technology firms, the Kingdom is poised to accelerate its digitalization efforts and emerge as a global leader in the digital sphere. This strategic partnership not only supports Vision 2030 objectives but also underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering economic growth in the digital age.

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