Turkiye and Kuwaiti Deals Indicate the Emergence of a Nonaligned Axis in the Region

Turkiye and Kuwaiti Deals Indicate the Emergence of a Nonaligned Axis in the Region

ANKARA: Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah recently strengthened his bilateral ties with Turkey by signing six cooperation agreements in the areas of defense, trade, energy, tourism, health, and diplomacy during his visit to Ankara, where he was welcomed with great fanfare by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Following talks between the leaders and their delegations, these agreements were made, including a protocol on defense procurement and a memorandum of understanding on strategic dialogue. The fact that Sheikh Meshal is visiting a non-Arab nation for the first time since taking office in December and that it falls on the 60th anniversary of Kuwaiti-Turkish diplomatic relations make the visit noteworthy. According to Eyup Ersoy, a visiting fellow in the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Department of International Relations, regional politics will inevitably be impacted by developments in bilateral relations.

Turkish interest in strengthening its ties with the states in the region that are eager to take a neutral stance in the divisive regional geopolitics has recently returned. In light of this, several Middle Eastern nations appear to be trying to avoid becoming embroiled in local geopolitics, he told  News.

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