During Netanyahu’s Meeting, the New Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Wants a Ceasefire in Gaza

During Netanyahu’s Meeting, the New Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Wants a Ceasefire in Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, has been informed by UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer that a ceasefire in Gaza is necessary, but he has also been cautioned to proceed due to the rising tensions with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

A spokesman for 10 Downing Street stated that Starmer “said the situation on (the) northern border of Israel (with Lebanon) was very concerning, and it was crucial all parties acted with caution.”

A ceasefire in Gaza, the release of hostages, and an immediate increase in the amount of humanitarian aid reaching civilians are “clear and urgent needs,” according to The Times, which also noted that Starmer reaffirmed his commitment to “continuing the UK and Israel’s vital co-operation to deter malign threats.”

“That it was also important to ensure the long-term conditions for a two-state solution were in place, including ensuring the Palestinian Authority had the financial means to operate effectively,” he reportedly told Netanyahu, according to The Guardian.

It occurs in the midst of rumors that the UK’s newly elected Labour government will abandon an attempt by its Conservative predecessor to postpone a judgment by the International Criminal Court regarding whether to indict Netanyahu for suspected war crimes in Gaza.

Despite an ICC ruling in 2021 that the court could prosecute cases involving violations of the Rome Statute in Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank, the Conservatives maintained that neither the court nor any Palestinian organization had jurisdiction over Israeli nationals.

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