UN Nuclear chief Encourages Iran to Take ‘Concrete’ Steps Towards Sharing.

UN Nuclear chief Encourages Iran to Take ‘Concrete’ Steps Towards Sharing.

ISFAHAN: UN Nuclear atomic watchdog chief Rafael Grossi, visiting Iran on Tuesday, urged the country to adopt “concrete” measures to bolster cooperation on its nuclear program and address the international community’s concerns.

Grossi told a news conference in Isfahan that during talks with Iranian officials, he proposed that they “focus on the very concrete, efficient, and tangible measures that can be implemented to accelerate” cooperation. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s director-general met with senior Iranian officials, including the head of the Atomic Energy Organisation, Mohammad Eslami.

Grossi insisted on the need to “settle differences” on the nuclear issue while the Middle East was experiencing “difficult times,” particularly the conflict between Israel and the Iran-backed Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

He stated that political conditions can sometimes impede full-fledged cooperation between Iran and the international community.
To overcome these challenges, he stated, “We need to come up with concrete steps that are going to help bring us closer to these solutions that we all need.” Grossi stated that a March 2023 agreement with Iran was “still valid” but required more “substance.

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