Saudi Arabia Introduces ‘Data Saudi’ Platform to Enhance Transparency

Saudi Arabia Introduces ‘Data Saudi’ Platform to Enhance Transparency

Faisal Al Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Economy and Planning, unveiled the transformative “Data Saudi” platform during the LEAP 2024 event. The announcement took place at the Digital Saudi pavilion, with the global audience of thousands, including international and local company representatives and experts from 180 countries, witnessing this pivotal moment.

A Progressive Journey: From Trial to Enhancement

Introduction and Evolution of Data Saudi

Originally introduced on a trial basis in September 2023, the Data Saudi platform, under the Ministry of Economy and Planning’s guidance, has undergone continuous enhancements and the integration of numerous features. This reflects a commitment to refining and expanding the platform’s capabilities to meet evolving needs.

Data Saudi-Central Repository for Economic and Social Data

Strategic Vision Aligned with Saudi Vision 2030

Positioned as the central repository for economic and social data within the Kingdom, Data Saudi aims to elevate data accessibility and transparency regarding national economic information. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, the nation’s ambitious blueprint for economic diversification and growth.

Data Saudi

Key Features and Analytical Tools

Unlocking Insights into the Kingdom’s Economy

The platform provides users with an array of key indicators, offering the ability to analyze them across different regions of the Kingdom. Through visual and interactive tools, users can gain detailed insights into various aspects of the Saudi economy and social sectors. This user-friendly approach enhances the understanding and utilization of critical data.

Showcasing Economic and Social Indicators

Comprehensive Data at Your Fingertips

Data Saudi stands out as a valuable resource by showcasing a range of vital economic indicators. These include international trade balance, workers’ remittances, and accounts on capital and current balance. On the social front, the platform features indicators such as population density, birth rates, and a comprehensive population pyramid.

Recognition at LEAP 2024

Commendation for Excellence in Digital Transformation

During the LEAP 2024 event, the Ministry of Economy and Planning received accolades for its commitment to digital excellence. Eng. Ahmed Alsuwaiyan, Governor of the Digital Government Authority, commended the Ministry for achieving the National Enterprise Architecture Accreditation Certificate. This recognition underscores the Ministry’s adherence to national standards for enterprise architecture maturity, further propelling digital transformation within the government sector.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Informed Decision-Making

Data Saudi as a Catalyst for Progress

The introduction of the Data Saudi platform marks a significant stride toward transparency, accessibility, and data-driven decision-making in Saudi Arabia. By providing a centralized hub for economic and social data, the platform aligns with the nation’s long-term vision for sustainable development. As the platform evolves and gains prominence, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping informed policies, fostering economic growth, and ensuring Saudi Arabia’s continued progress on the global stage. The inauguration at LEAP 2024 symbolizes not just a technological achievement but a commitment to openness and progress in the digital era.

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