HONOR Unveils Flagship Phone in Saudi Arabia at LEAP 2024 in Its First Regional Launch

HONOR Unveils Flagship Phone in Saudi Arabia at LEAP 2024 in Its First Regional Launch

HONOR, the esteemed global technology brand, made a resounding entry into the Saudi Arabian market with the regional launch of its flagship phone, the Magic6 Pro, at LEAP 2024 in Riyadh. Ray Guo, the Chief Marketing Officer of HONOR Device Co., Ltd., took the mainstage at one of the world’s premier technology events to introduce this groundbreaking smartphone, infused with platform-level AI for unparalleled human-centric experiences.

Keynote Speech Illuminates Future Prospects

Ray Guo’s Vision for Saudi Arabia Market

In a compelling keynote speech, Ray Guo expressed HONOR’s confidence in the future prospects of the Saudi Arabian market. The launch of the Magic6 Pro was a testament to HONOR’s commitment to high-quality local development and a bold step towards solidifying its presence in the Kingdom.

 Flagship Phone-Evolution of Data Saudi Platform

Accelerated Business Expansion and Key Milestones

HONOR’s foray into the Kingdom is not a standalone event. The brand has been actively expanding its business, achieving key milestones over the past year. Initiatives such as the opening of the first Experience Store in the Middle East, the establishment of the Saudi National Warehouse, and the launch of the Official Online Store underscore HONOR’s dedication to optimizing logistics and providing quality products and services in the region.

Magic6 Pro: Unveiling the Power of AI

Revolutionizing User Experience with AI

The Magic6 Pro, equipped with the latest OS system, MagicOS 8.0, heralds a new era of AI integration in smartphones. The industry-first intent-based user interface (IUI) introduces users to a seamless and intuitive experience. Guo emphasized that the smartphone’s features, including Magic Portal and MagicLM, are designed to create a more tailored and user-friendly interface, aligning perfectly with the theme of LEAP 2024 – ‘Into New Worlds.’

Flagship Phone

AI-Powered Falcon Camera System

Capturing Moments with Precision

The upgraded Falcon Camera System, driven by AI, empowers users to capture fast movements with intricate detail. The HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture, backed by an advanced AI capture algorithm, predicts and captures decisive moments effortlessly in ultra-high definition.

Advancements in Human-Device Interaction

Leading the Wave of AI Breakthroughs

As the tech industry gears up for a wave of AI breakthroughs in 2024, HONOR stands at the forefront. The platform-level intent-based UI, a result of cross-industry collaboration and innovation, creates an interconnected ecosystem. This ecosystem links devices seamlessly, offering users a cross-device, cross-application, and cross-ecosystem experience.

Performance Excellence: Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Enhanced Battery Technology

Exceptional CPU and GPU Performance

The Magic6 Pro, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, showcases a 30% improvement in CPU performance and a 25% increase in GPU performance. The Qualcomm AI Engine ensures fluency and stability in AI features, achieving a remarkable 98% improvement compared to previous models.

Next-Level Battery Technology

Meeting User Needs with Efficiency

Recognizing the significance of battery life, HONOR introduces the Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery with HONOR E1, enhancing energy efficiency. The 5600 mAh battery demonstrates exceptional low-temperature performance, while the 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge and 66W HONOR Wireless SuperCharge promise swift charging, reaching 100% in just 40 minutes.

Display Excellence with NanoCrystal Shield

Setting a New Standard in Drop Resistance

The Magic6 Pro boasts the industry’s most drop-resistant screen glass, achieving a 50% improvement in crystal density. Verified by SGS’s Five Star Overall Glass Drop Resistance Ability certification, the display’s advanced materials enhance shock absorption capabilities by up to 10 times compared to regular glass.

Pricing and Availability

Accessible Luxury in Black and Epi Green

The HONOR Magic6 Pro is set to be available for pre-order in Saudi Arabia from March 21, 2024. It can be purchased through various outlets, including Jarir Bookstore, eXtra, STC, HiHonor, and other authorized shops. The official availability for purchase begins on March 28, 2024, with a starting price of 3999 SAR, offering consumers the chance to experience cutting-edge technology in Black and Epi Green variants.

Conclusion: A Technological Marvel Unveiled

HONOR Redefines the Smartphone Experience in Saudi Arabia

HONOR’s regional launch of the Magic6 Pro at LEAP 2024 marks a significant chapter in the brand’s journey, introducing Saudi consumers to a new era of AI-powered smartphones. With its commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and a robust ecosystem, HONOR aims to redefine the smartphone experience in the Kingdom. As Saudi Arabia embraces the Magic6 Pro, HONOR sets the stage for a future where technology seamlessly integrates with the daily lives of consumers, ushering in a new wave of possibilities and experiences.

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