Exhibitions and Conferences are Held in Observance of Red Crescent and World Red Cross Days

Exhibitions and Conferences are Held in Observance of Red Crescent and World Red Cross Days

RIYADH: This week, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority observed World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day throughout the Kingdom with various activities, exhibits, and conferences.

To increase community awareness, the SRCA held training sessions and lectures, in addition to marches down the major thoroughfares in several governorates. Every year, on May 8, people celebrate this day to highlight the importance of lessening suffering among people everywhere, particularly in nations affected by natural disasters and conflict.

The SRCA and Alasala College in Dammam organized awareness events in the Eastern Province to raise awareness of both organizations’ crucial humanitarian work. Attendees watched medical professionals practice utilizing ambulances for emergencies in challenging situations. Additionally, there was a display of the latest emergency medical technology and guidance on using the 997 hotline.

Several lectures were given on various subjects, such as the dangers of crowding, the necessity of allowing ambulances unhindered access, and protocols for managing various emergency scenarios.

Additionally, the Family Links project, training courses, and volunteer opportunities were presented to the visitors.

SRCA Director-General Nawaf bin Mayah Al-Anazi spearheaded the celebration in the northwest province of Tabuk, with awareness campaigns and skill development sessions held at Tabuk Park Mall.

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