Global Artists Contemplate the Future at the Riyadh Exhibition.

Global Artists Contemplate the Future at the Riyadh Exhibition.

RIYADH: Fenaa Alawwal opened its most recent exhibition, “Unfolding the Embassy,” which brought together global artists to speculate on the near future.

Sara Al-Mutlaq curated the exhibition, which featured scenography by Studio GGSV and was initially inspired by the exhibition’s context.

Al-Mutlaq explained to Arab News that the context is the Diplomatic Quarter and embassies. We ask, what is the embassy’s future?

“We are living in a time of great change. We can see it in technology, ChatGPT, and the Ukraine conflict many things are changing.

The curator valued the global experience; only artists from diverse backgrounds and practices could represent this collective narrative properly. The exhibition features artists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine, Bosnia, Zambia, and Belgium who present their visions and interpretations of the future through works that address critical contemporary issues such as climate change, artificial intelligence, migration, and identity.

I really wanted to engage with Saudi creatives and artists, but also Arab artists … and to always include the rest of the world and look at the nuances of conversation they’re also creating,” said Al-Mutlaq.

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