Journalist Competitions French press card Images’ Ban on the Headscarf

Journalist Competitions French press card Images’ Ban on the Headscarf

Wearing the hijab, Moroccan writers working in Paris announced on Friday that she was filing an appeal against a law prohibiting women from covering their heads in pictures for the French press ID card. Manal Fkihi reported that she found it challenging to work since her request for a press card was denied.

The 25-year-old told Reuters, “It is important to accept us as we are.” The campaign “is a first step to combat the marginalisation of veiled women in the profession” . In France, it is forbidden for state employees and students to wear religious symbols or apparel.

Non-state employees are not covered by any national laws, although some organizations—like the National Bar Association and the media companies Radio France and France Media Monde—have established their own regulations.

According to Fkihi, she was offered a job as a television journalist as long as she didn’t cover her head. The fact that it was for an Arabic-speaking position is absurd. They desire our abilities but not our identities,” the woman remarked.A press card is a professional card, not a means of identification, and Fkihi will argue as much in her appeal to the CCIJP, according to her attorney Slim Ben Achour. Should that not work, she will appear in administrative court.

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