KSrelief Provides Assistance to Those in Need in Jordan, Yemen, and Sudan

KSrelief Provides Assistance to Those in Need in Jordan, Yemen, and Sudan

According to a late-night Saudi Press Agency report, the Kingdom’s relief organization, KSrelief, is still providing assistance to those in need in Sudan, Yemen, and Jordan.

Phase II of KSrelief’s food security initiative in Sudan included the distribution of 1,500 food parcels to 10,384 people in the state of Gezira.

Additionally, 900 personal care kits were given to Sudanese families in Khartoum by KSrelief.

5,175 people profited from the program, which was a part of an effort to give Sudan immediate shelter assistance this year.

Additionally, the humanitarian organization provided 1,010 shelter bags to 5,807 people in Sinnar’s rural area.

Help was given to Yemeni families whose homes were destroyed by a fire that recently tore through the Maduda camp in the Hadhramaut area.

Tents and shelter kits were provided; 11 households totaling 54 people benefited from this assistance.

Meanwhile, KSrelief offered 1,400 Syrian refugees at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan a range of health and training services.

In addition to training programs in anything from carpentry and electrical work to sewing and even football refereeing, the health services offered included specialty clinics.

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