Mawani Grants New Licences to Boost Saudi Arabia’s Port Industry

Mawani Grants New Licences to Boost Saudi Arabia’s Port Industry

RIYADH: The Saudi Ports Authority has granted new licences in a number of operational areas, which will enhance the Kingdom’s seaport operations and logistics industry.

The Mawani authority stated in a press release that granting these permits is in line with their objective of establishing high-quality and efficient port operations in the Kingdom. According to Mawani, licences have been granted for a number of activities, such as pilotage, marine traffic signals, maritime support, ship repair, and routine maintenance.

The statement also mentioned the issuance of licences for port storage, container handling, and maritime consulting services.

Mawani’s overarching plan to establish Saudi Arabia as a global logistics hub by the end of this decade includes the issuance of these new permits.

The National Transport and Logistics Strategy of Saudi Arabia aims to raise the sector’s share of the Kingdom’s GDP from its current 6 percent to 10 percent by 2030.

Mawani went on to say in the statement that additional licences were granted for tasks like hydrographic surveying, port work training, waste recycling, and ship waste management in addition to bunkering ships in terminals.

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