Saudi Innovation’s Speed is “Wowing” the UK, According to a British trade Campaign Executive

Saudi Innovation’s Speed is “Wowing” the UK, According to a British trade Campaign Executive

RIYADH: A senior British trade executive has said that the business environment in Saudi Arabia has “wowed” the UK delegates at the GREAT Futures Initiative Conference.

Kate Taylor Tett, director of the GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Campaign, said in an interview with Arab News that the occasion encouraged cross-sectoral cooperation and communication between counterparts from both countries, acting as a catalyst for change and advancement. She also emphasised how Saudi Arabia is leading the world in innovation, which has made a big impact.

This incident, in my opinion, has elevated Saudi Arabia to the top of that list. Saudi Arabia is currently the UK’s twenty-fourth-largest trading partner, according to Tett.

I think this major event will really accelerate that because people see it as an opportunity that they need to address now, rather than later, which should be really exciting for businesses,” the speaker continued. Tett added that the attendees’ perceptions of the market changed as a result of being inspired by their experiences in Saudi Arabia.

Nobody that I’ve spoken to at this event hasn’t left feeling amazed by what they’ve witnessed. Their views have changed, in my opinion, and that presents a great opportunity in and of itself,” she remarked.

Tett also clarified that the programme, which consists of multiple partnerships between UK companies and their Saudi Arabian counterparts, spans more than a year and is more than just a two-day event.

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