Folk Maritime: A New Venture in Saudi Arabia’s Maritime Industry

Folk Maritime: A New Venture in Saudi Arabia’s Maritime Industry

Saudi Arabia’s maritime industry is set to witness a significant transformation with the launch of Folk Maritime, a new feeder and short-sea shipping company. Based in Riyadh, this innovative venture aims to strengthen the kingdom’s connectivity with other crucial ports in the Red Sea, marking a new era in regional maritime logistics.

Leadership and Vision

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Folk Maritime is led by a team of seasoned professionals, with former Hamburg Süd boss Poul Hestbaek at the helm as the company’s CEO. Hestbaek, who parted ways with the Maersk company in August of the previous year, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this new venture. Furthermore, the company’s leadership also includes Saleem Kadernani, former director at ARK Logistics & Maritime, serving as the chief commercial officer, Khalid Fawzi as the chief of finance, and Abdulrahman Alshangiti as the head of human resources.

Under this strong leadership, Folk Maritime aspires to become Saudi Arabia’s first dedicated feeder operator, focusing on providing top-notch services in the Middle East and the surrounding region. Hence, the company’s mission is to enhance the efficiency and reliability of maritime logistics in the area, contributing to the overall growth of the industry.

Expanding Regional Connectivity

Folk Maritime has launched two services in the Red Sea to kickstart its operations. The company operates a pair of 2,500 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) feeders that connect Jeddah with Neom and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia, and Ain Sokhna in Egypt, on a weekly basis. This service is designed to facilitate the smooth and timely movement of cargo between these strategic ports, boosting trade and economic activities in the region.

In addition to the larger vessels, Folk Maritime also operates a smaller 700 TEU ship that links Jeddah with Sudan every two weeks. This service is particularly significant as it opens up new opportunities for trade and collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Sudan, further enhancing the region’s maritime connectivity.

A Promising Future

The launch of Folk Maritime is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to expanding and modernizing its maritime sector. By introducing dedicated feeder services, the company is set to play a crucial role in streamlining supply chains and fostering regional cooperation. With a strong leadership team and a clear vision, Folk Maritime is poised to become a key player in the Middle East’s maritime industry, contributing to the economic prosperity of the region.

As the company continues to grow and expand its services, it will undoubtedly pave the way for more efficient and reliable maritime logistics solutions, benefiting businesses and economies across the Red Sea region. With Folk Maritime’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence, the future of Saudi Arabia’s maritime industry looks brighter than ever.

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