North Africa’s Femicide is Publicized, yet There isn’t Enough Legal Protection

North Africa’s Femicide is Publicized, yet There isn’t Enough Legal Protection

Although media and online reports of femicide and domestic abuse against women in North Africa are rising, rights organizations claim that there are still few laws protecting the victims.

Feminicides Algerie, a watchdog group that has been recording killings in Algeria since 2019, claims that at least one woman is slain there every week.

According to the NGOs Aswat Nissa and Manara, femicide rates in Tunisia more than doubled from six killings in 2018 to 25 murders in 2023.

Concerningly, there have been five killings in Morocco so far this year according to Stop Feminicides Maroc, a different group that has documented at least 50 incidents in 2023 and over 30 the previous year.

The media claims that on Monday in the eastern city of Khenchela, Algeria, a 49-year-old man stabbed his 37-year-old wife multiple times before slashing her throat, marking the latest instance of gender-based killing in the country.

Imad, who requested to remain anonymous, described to AFP how his sister, 23, was killed by her husband in the previous year.

She was a mother of three and was slain while cooking food for the fasting month of Ramadan.

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