Tense Situation on the Israel-Lebanon Border as Fighting Breaks Out in Rafah, Gaza

Tense Situation on the Israel-Lebanon Border as Fighting Breaks Out in Rafah, Gaza

Wednesday saw Israeli airstrikes, skirmishes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants, and chaos in Gaza as the Israeli army declared it was prepared to launch a “offensive” against the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon on the northern border of the nation.

Israeli bombing in western Rafah was reported by witnesses and the civil defense agency in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip. According to medics, at least seven individuals were killed by drone strikes and artillery.

The UN official stated a few days later that “this has yet to translate into more aid reaching people in need” despite the Israeli military’s announcement of a daily humanitarian “pause” in fighting on a crucial road in eastern Rafah.

Following Hamas’s historic attack on Israel on October 7, more than eight months of war have resulted in severe humanitarian conditions in the Palestinian area and repeated UN warnings of impending starvation.

Since Israeli forces captured the Palestinian side of Rafah border crossing in early May, it has been closed. Meanwhile, Kerem Shalom on the Israeli side is “operating with limited functionality, including because of fighting in the area,” according to UN deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq.

There has been “an improvement” in supplies reaching northern Gaza in recent weeks, he told reporters, “but a drastic deterioration in the south.”

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