The Indian Delegation Commends Saudi Arabia for its Hajj Services

The Indian Delegation Commends Saudi Arabia for its Hajj Services

Suhel Ajaz Khan, India’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has complimented Saudi Arabia for the amenities it offered Hajj travelers this year.

Khan told Arab News that his country works closely with the Saudi Health Ministry and other agencies to provide the finest medical care to its pilgrims. Khan completed the Hajj this year and assisted the pilgrims from his country.

We express our gratitude to the Saudi government for their unwavering collaboration. Huge resources are also being used by Saudi authorities to assist pilgrims of all nations with medical emergencies and other medical problems, he continued.

According to Khan, 175,000 Indian Muslims made the journey this year, with assistance from officials starting on May 9. On July 22, the last group would depart the Kingdom, marking the end of the mission.

According to Khan, the Indian Haj mission took great care to ensure the pilgrims’ health and well-being.

“A team of approximately 350 physicians and paramedics, as well as adequate supplies of medication and medical equipment, were sent out during the Hajj in cooperation with the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

“Two medical camps were set up in Mina while one camp was set up in Arafat. In addition, doctors and paramedics were also deployed in each service center and camps in Mina.”

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