UAE Builders Use Sustainability to Increase the Value of their Properties

UAE Builders Use Sustainability to Increase the Value of their Properties

Developers in the UAE can use sustainability to increase the value of their buildings because, according to recent data, 70% of investors are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly amenities.

This trend is being driven by customer desire for sustainability in community design, with a strong preference for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification, according to a recent study from real estate firm Property Finder.

The most popular green building rating system in the world, LEED, offers a framework for designing cost-effective, hygienic, and highly efficient green buildings that have positive effects on the environment, society, and government.

The survey emphasized sustainability as a key driver of these expectations amid noteworthy performance in the UAE’s real estate market, which witnessed a spike in varied demand and the largest number and value of transactions in May.

“It is encouraging to see the growing conversation around sustainability in the industry, aligned with the broader national vision,” stated Property Finder’s chief revenue officer, Cherif Sleiman.

He mentioned their most recent research and said that buyers are giving this feature more weight when looking for a house, both in neighborhoods and among different types of housing.

While cost can be perceived as an obstacle to living sustainably, according to Louise Heatly, owner and managing director of Exclusive Links Real Estate, it actually presents an opportunity.

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