AI Technology Developed at Jeddah University Can Identify Premature Births

AI Technology Developed at Jeddah University Can Identify Premature Births

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the University of Jeddah has created a tool that uses artificial intelligence and the internet to identify preterm babies.

According to SPA news on Wednesday, the gadget determines the proportion of amniotic fluid inside the embryonic sac and spots possible issues early on.

This makes it possible to provide prompt medical therapies that support the development of the fetal lung and the placenta.

Drs. Qamar Nayteh and Youssef Al-Sohafi of the university’s College of Computer Science and Engineering are the innovators behind this discovery.

At the recent International Exhibition of Inventions, Innovations, and Technology in Romania, the two doctors were presented with an international accolade and a gold medal.

According to the research, “this demonstrates the efficiency of Saudi innovations and their ability to compete on a global level.”

“It ensures high accuracy, prevents false alarms, and allows for remote monitoring by utilizing advanced AI and ultrasonic sensor technologies,” the statement read.

It also lessens the need for frequent hospital visits by enabling medical practitioners to monitor a patient’s condition using mobile phone applications.

According to the article, expectant mothers can monitor amniotic fluid levels at home because to its user-friendly interface.

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