Following Biden’s Proposal for a Truce, Israel Bombards Gaza

Following Biden’s Proposal for a Truce, Israel Bombards Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, is adamant that his nation continue the war until all of its objectives are met.

A few hours after US President Joe Biden stated that Israel was providing a new roadmap toward a complete peace, Israeli soldiers battered Rafah in southern Gaza with tanks and artillery on Saturday.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized shortly after Biden’s announcement that his nation will continue to fight until it achieves all of its objectives, including the annihilation of Hamas.
Meanwhile, the hardline Palestinian organization declared that it “considers positively” the plan presented by Biden.

In his first significant speech, the US president stated that Israel’s three-stage approach would start with a six-week phase in which Israeli soldiers would withdraw from all populated areas of Gaza.
In exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian inmates, there would also be the “release of a number of hostages, including women, the elderly, and the wounded.”
During those six weeks, Israel and the Palestinians would then discuss a long-term ceasefire; nevertheless, according to Biden, the truce would hold while the negotiations were still in progress.

The US president pleaded with Hamas to take up Israel’s offer. In words that British Foreign Secretary David Cameron also repeated, he declared, “It’s time for this war to end, for the day after to begin.”

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