How Saudi Arabia’s Green Goals are Being Aided by Forest Conservation

How Saudi Arabia’s Green Goals are Being Aided by Forest Conservation

JEDDAH: Most of Saudi Arabia’s landscape is desert, with sporadic oases interspersed due to the country’s low annual rainfall. Nonetheless, the Kingdom is home to a variety of forest ecosystems in its valleys, coastal regions, and mountainous areas.

Because they act as carbon sinks, storing carbon above and below ground and removing it from the atmosphere, where it would otherwise contribute to the greenhouse effect, forests are essential to the fight against climate change. Their role in generating local microclimates, offering habitats for an abundance of biodiversity, securing freshwater resources, and averting flash floods, landslides, and soil degradation further emphasizes their significance in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The National Centre for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification in Saudi Arabia is leading the way in implementing the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategic objectives.

Samir Malaika, assistant director-general of the general administration of forests at NCVC, told Arab News that “forests play a crucial role in mitigating climate change.” Saudi Arabia’s arid climate and geographic location hamper its efforts to preserve forests and encourage plant growth.

Forests struggle to survive in most places because they receive little rainfall. The increasing effects of climate change intensify environmental stresses, impeding efforts to regenerate and grow forests.

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