In Just One Week, Saudi Authorities Arrested 17,030 Illegals

In Just One Week, Saudi Authorities Arrested 17,030 Illegals

Saudi authorities arrested 17,030 people in one week for violating residency, work, and border security regulations, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.

According to an official report, a total of 10,662 people were arrested for violating residency laws, 4,147 for illegal border crossings, and 2,221 for labor violations.

According to the report, 71% of the 1,119 people arrested for attempting to enter the Kingdom illegally were Ethiopian, 27% were Yemenis, and 2% were of other nationalities.

Another 65 people were apprehended while attempting to cross into neighboring countries, with 17 being detained for transporting and harboring violators.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, anyone found facilitating illegal entry into the Kingdom, including providing transportation and shelter, faces a maximum 15-year prison sentence, a fine of up to SR1 million ($260,000), and vehicle and property confiscation.

Suspected violations can be reported using the toll-free numbers 911 in Makkah and Riyadh and 999 or 996 in the rest of the Kingdom.

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