Saudi Arabia is Preparing for its First World Cup of Esports

Saudi Arabia is Preparing for its First World Cup of Esports

RIYADH: The inaugural Esports World Cup will be held in Riyadh.

More than 2,500 players from top teams and clubs will compete in the tournament, which will be held at Boulevard Riyadh City from July 4 to August 25. The $60 million prize pool for this event is the biggest in esports history.

The tournament, which is supported by the Esports World Cup Foundation, intends to advance the e-gaming sector and open up exciting prospects for players and multi-team clubs.

The biggest esports event ever, it will bring together players, fans, publishers, and game developers from all over the world with an emphasis on promoting relationships and teamwork.

The cup is positioned to become a landmark event for the EWCF, which aims to draw elite talent and celebrate the popularity of esports, due to the prize pool’s unparalleled size.

The competition will help the Kingdom in its endeavours to promote esports and emphasise its beneficial effects on society.

It will be essential in fostering cross-cultural interaction and motivating businesses to make investments in the field.

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