Saudi Arabia Wins the ACC Premier Cup with Remarkable Resiliency.

Saudi Arabia Wins the ACC Premier Cup with Remarkable Resiliency.

My cab driver rubbed the tips of his fingers together on the evening of the second day of the ACC Premier Cup, not to signal that money was about to change hands but rather to signal that something was happening. He was right if he meant rain. On Sunday, the third day, people in Muscat woke up early to the sound and sight of medium to heavy rain. It was predicted to disappear by eleven a.m. As it happened, this was the situation. On turf two at Al-Amarat, the ground crew began rolling the wicket, removing the covers, and getting the outfield ready because it had dried quickly.

Luckily, day three only had two matches on the schedule, both on turf two. Oman v. Cambodia was the first, while Hong Kong v. Saudi Arabia was the second. On turf two, play started at midday with Oman batting in an 11-over encounter that was shortened for each team.

After amassing 44 runs in the first five overs with relative ease, Cambodia’s batting came apart dramatically in the sixth over, which Aqib Ilyas bowled. The fielder was unable to reach the initial ball because it was scooped to a deep square. Viraj was caught at deep midwicket on the following ball, though, and Beukes was bowled first ball by Godara after he misjudged the delivery and sliced it onto his stumps, giving Ilyas a hat-trick.

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