Saudi Private Sector Work Reached 11.27 Million in April, According to Official Data

Saudi Private Sector Work Reached 11.27 Million in April, According to Official Data

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s private sector has created more job opportunities, with the total number of employees reaching 11.27 million in April, according to official data.

According to the Saudi National Labour Observatory report, there was a net increase in citizen employment in April, with 18,535 people joining the private sector workforce. Over 2.35 million Saudi nationals are included in these figures, with more than 970,200 female workers and more than 1.38 million male employees.

On the other hand, NLO data revealed that the total number of residents employed in the private sector exceeded 8.91 million, with more than 8.55 million male workers and only 364,900 female employees.

The report provides an overview of the Saudi private sector, highlighting a dynamic workforce of over 9.9 million male workers and more than 1.3 million female workers representing a wide range of nationalities and playing critical roles in sector operations. According to an NLO release, the total number of employees in Saudi Arabia’s private sector reached 11.1 million in February, up 0.9 percent from the previous month.

According to the National Observatory report, 2.3 million were Saudi nationals, while 8.8 million were Kingdom residents of various nationalities. That data showed a positive trend in the employment industry, with the private sector expanding its workforce and creating opportunities for Saudi citizens.

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