How Vision 2030 is Making Saudi Arabia’s Economy Competitive on a Global Scale

How Vision 2030 is Making Saudi Arabia’s Economy Competitive on a Global Scale

RIYADH: What remarkable achievements did Saudi Arabia make to be placed higher on a worldwide index of economic competitiveness than China, Germany, and the United Kingdom?

As Saudi Vision 2030 enters its eighth year, it has accomplished a number of noteworthy firsts and advanced steadily since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched it, demonstrating a revolutionary journey that is still reshaping the future of the Kingdom.

At the 2016 introduction of Vision 2030, the crown prince declared, “It is an ambitious yet achievable blueprint that expresses our long-term goals and expectations and reflects our country’s strengths and capabilities.”

“Vision is the foundation of all successful stories, and strong pillars support successful visions.”

In terms of competitiveness, the Kingdom comes in third place out of the G20 and seventeenth overall, according to research published by the International Institute for Management Development, a Swiss organization. What specific accomplishments has the Kingdom done to earn this high standing internationally among nations that face competition?

As to the most recent annual Vision 2030 bulletin, Saudi Arabia has made noteworthy advancements in the four competitiveness factors assessed in the study.

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