Netanyahu will Only Consent to a “Partial” Ceasefire; The Gaza War will not Stop

Netanyahu will Only Consent to a “Partial” Ceasefire; The Gaza War will not Stop

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would only be willing to agree to a “partial” ceasefire deal that would not end the war, comments that infuriated the families of hostages held by Hamas and called into question the viability of a US-backed proposal to wind down the eight-month-long war in Gaza.

The Israeli prime minister stated that he was “prepared to make a partial deal — this is no secret — that will return to us some of the people” in an interview that aired late on Sunday on Israeli Channel 14, a conservative, pro-Netanyahu station. The statement was made in reference to the approximately 120 captives that are currently being held in the Gaza Strip. However, we’re determined to see the battle through to its conclusion in order to destroy Hamas. On that, I’m not going to give up.

Speaking about his terms for an agreement, Netanyahu did not significantly alter his prior remarks. They may be another blow to peace mediators seeking to bring an end to the conflict, but they come at a delicate moment when Israel and Hamas seem to be growing more polarized over the most recent ceasefire agreement.

The essence of the agreement, which US President Joe Biden presented late last month and which some in Israel refer to as “Netanyahu’s deal,” differed significantly from Netanyahu’s remarks. Biden presented the plan as an Israeli one. His words may worsen Israel’s relations with the United States, its principal ally, which initiated a significant diplomatic effort to support the most recent cease-fire agreement.

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