Saudi Arabia Calls for Coordinated Arab Attempts to Address Environmental Issues.

Saudi Arabia Calls for Coordinated Arab Attempts to Address Environmental Issues.

RIYADH: Saudi Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture Abdulrahman Al-Fadli emphasized the importance of regional action in combating environmental challenges in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as around the world, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

During the 38th Arab Organization for Agricultural Development meeting in Riyadh, the minister discussed biodiversity, natural resources, and a variety of agricultural environments, as well as the region’s challenges. He called for a concerted effort to mitigate the effects on the region’s people.

Al-Fadli stated that the Arab region was capable of leveraging technology and innovation, seizing opportunities to invest in agriculture, and improving practices to become more productive, efficient, and sustainable in its use of water and natural resources.

He expressed optimism about increased trade, regional and international cooperation, and the advantages of global organizations. The minister stated that the Arab region could capitalize on technological, innovative, and agricultural investment opportunities by improving practices to make water and natural resource utilization more productive, efficient, and sustainable.

The organization’s director general, Ibrahim Al Dukhairi, has pledged his support for regional sustainability and agricultural development, as well as Arab landscape preservation and food security. He emphasized the importance of strategies for launching the necessary initiatives and partnerships to achieve the region’s objectives.

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