Saudi Arabia Strongly Condemns Israeli Genocide in Rafah.

Saudi Arabia Strongly Condemns Israeli Genocide in Rafah.

Saudi Arabia strongly condemned and denounced on Wednesday the genocide and massacres carried out by Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people by targeting the tents of defenseless Palestinian refugees in Rafah, Gaza Strip.

Saudi Arabia stressed the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities, at present more than ever before, to stop the massacres against the Palestinian people and prosecute those responsible for such acts.

According to a statement from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli authorities are fully responsible for what is happening in Rafah and all other occupied Palestinian territories. “The continued blatant violations by the Israeli occupation forces of all international and humanitarian resolutions, laws and norms, in light of the silence of the international community, exacerbates the scale of the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe that the Palestinian people are experiencing,” the ministry said, reaffirming that this puts the credibility of the institutions of international legitimacy at stake.

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