2024’s Visionaries: The Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs to Look Out For

2024’s Visionaries: The Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs to Look Out For

If the year 2023 was redefining the business landscape, 2024 is revolutionizing it! Entrepreneurs and visionaries are transforming the way businesses work, and among these are the revolutionary women entrepreneurs and leaders who are the driving force of innovation. 

“Women in business” isn’t merely a topic of discussion anymore. It’s a whole encyclopedia of groundbreaking innovations and transformative leadership. From the intricate depths of the tech industry to the cognizance of education and the importance of sustainability – women are leading in every sphere of transformation. 

The year 2024 is yet to end and it surely promises many lasting impacts and women leaders across the globe are no exception. Let’s talk about the top women leaders and entrepreneurs who left lasting impacts this year.

Top 10 Leading Women Entrepreneurs

We have listed below the top 10 women entrepreneur, who we find to be inspiring and also individuals who are making a difference. Let’s learn about them!

1. Prof. Silvia Vianello | Economist | Finance Expert 

prof. Silvia Vianello - women entrepreneur

When it comes to trading and education, there’s a remarkable woman excelling in both arenas: Prof. Silvia Vianello. With an illustrious career as an MBA and EMBA professor at prestigious institutions like Bocconi University, as well as top business schools in Paris, New York, Houston, and Dubai, Silvia has made a significant impact on the academic world. As the former Marketing Director for Maserati across 24 countries and three continents, she was recognized by Forbes among the top 100 most successful Italian women globally. 

Today, Silvia has shifted her focus to trading in regulated financial markets, treating her lectures and career coaching as a passionate hobby. Known as the “Trading Queen,” she resides in Dubai, where she has been honored as a Top Middle East Woman Leader and one of the Top 50 Professors in the world.  

Having a Master’s and PhD in economics and finance, Silvia generously shares her expertise by answering questions on trading strategies for free on her Instagram. Her commitment to financial education extends through her projects, MyFinAcademy and MyTradingWay, where she empowers women to achieve financial independence. Silvia passionately believes, “When a woman has control over her finances, she has control over her future. No longer dependent, she becomes unstoppable.”

Silvia is renowned for her dedication to empowering other women, serving as a beacon of inspiration and mentorship in the journey toward economic empowerment. “Empowering women financially isn’t just about giving them money; it’s about giving them a voice, a choice, and the power to say no to abuse and exploitation,” she emphasizes. Her efforts continue to inspire and uplift women globally, demonstrating that financial freedom is more than just a goal—it’s a revolution.

Instagram | MyFinAcademy | MyTradingWay | LinkedIn

2. Claudia Pinto | Founder of The Empowering Women | Social Entrepreneurship Advocate

Claudia Pinto - women entrepreneur

When talking about the top 10 women leaders revolutionizing 2024, it’s hard to miss Claudia Pinto, the founder of The Empowering Women. She puts a high emphasis on integrating philanthropy with social entrepreneurship to support women’s empowerment and take sustainable business initiatives. The Empowering Women specializes in helping businesses get a presence in the dynamic Middle Eastern markets, merging impactful projects with investment opportunities.

Claudia is the Head of Philanthropy and Sustainability Advisor for HH Sheikh Marwan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum where she is responsible for steering initiatives that resonate with an aspiration towards a better future. She states, “As the founder of Empowering Women, I am committed to creating sustainable initiatives that not only generate positive social impact but also promote long-term economic empowerment and equality.”

Echoing the sentiments of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Claudia emphasizes, “Women are the backbone of society. Their empowerment is essential for the advancement of nations.” Through her work, Claudia continues to spearhead transformative efforts in women’s empowerment, business sustainability, and global philanthropy.

LinkedIn | Instagram | Threads | The Empowering Women

3. Khulood Alawadhi | Technology Transformation Leader

Khulood Alawadhi - women entrepreneur

Khulood Alawadhi, with 17 years of spearheading complex IT infrastructures and critical operations, has a robust track record of driving transformative change in technology. Devoted to innovative organizational improvements, she has successfully implemented strategic government initiatives and led digital transformations to enhance organizational efficiency.

As a woman in tech leadership, Khulood has embraced challenges as opportunities for innovation, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. She remarks, “From navigating complex regulatory landscapes to overcoming cultural barriers, my commitment to excellence has been unwavering.”

She has played a pivotal role in spearheading key initiatives that utilize technology to streamline processes and foster public-private collaborations, enhancing efficiency and driving positive change. Khulood’s contributions to establishing digital innovation centers have also catalyzed economic growth and development.

Reflecting on her journey, Khulood asserts, “My path in technology has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to driving meaningful change.” Her leadership continues to inspire progress in the evolving world of technology.

LinkedIn | Moro Hub | Company LinkedIn | Instagram

4. Laaleen Sukhera | Founder of DxbSocialLeague.com | Matchmaking Innovator

Laaleen Sukhera

Laaleen Sukhera, founder of DxbSocialLeague.com, has transformed her passion for connecting people into a vibrant startup. A seasoned media professional with a notable social network, Laaleen curates personalized matches for emotionally mature singles in Dubai and beyond. “I’ve always enjoyed connecting people but it’s only recently that I’ve consolidated my passion into a startup,” she explains. “I work fulltime in corporate communications, leaving my weekends free to pursue my matchmaking startup.” Over the years, she thoughtfully played Cupid for her friends with a marriage and an engagement to her credit.

DxbSocialLeague stands out in the Emirates’ cosmopolitan landscape. The startup offers personalized matchmaking services for mid-to-senior level single professionals to be introduced to potential spouses based on mutual criteria, in addition to a buzzing event calendar to access curated gatherings with likeminded singles. “Our confidential database includes quality singles ranging from 25 to 70,” Laaleen remarks. Drawing from her own experiences – she is single, divorced, and a parent – she believes in the value of real-life introductions. “Apps are not the best way to meet Mr. or Ms. Right; swiping is addictive, there’s an element of deception behind far too many profiles, and behaviour veers towards casual situationships rather than solid relationships,” she adds. “They are generally a waste of time, money, and energy for busy professionals.”  

Laaleen Sukhera

Laaleen’s commitment to creating a safe and respectful space is evident as she filters attendees to ensure the best intentions while maintaining a friendly and empathetic demeanor. “Our guest lists include legally single people of all faiths and ethnicities who seek long-term relationships leading to marriage, children, or blended families,” she states. The success of DxbSocialLeague has already culminated in seven couples from multiple cultures including Khaleeji and innumerable friendships – even among people who identify as introverts. Laaleen is also an active member of women-led networks, prominent business chambers, and is open to collaborate with other agencies, reflecting her commitment to community and empowerment.

“DxbSocialLeague empowers respectful and socially mature singles to rediscover love, even at mature ages. The joy and blessings I receive from guiding honest, good-hearted people towards their happily-ever-afters is immeasurable,” she smiles.

LinkedIn | DxbSocialLeague.com | Company LinkedIn | Instagram

5. Lara Tseng | Educator | Advocate for Global Empowerment

lara Tseng

Lara Tseng, the visionary behind Laraglobalpedia, is an acclaimed educator and entrepreneur whose work spans across major global cities including Taipei, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Dubai. Her innovative approach to education is to build up children’s global perspectives through multilingual storytelling and geographical insights, rooted in her deep understanding of cultural influences on business.

In 2023, Lara launched the Small School Support Project ( SSSP), later registered as the Taiwan International Refugee Education Support Association in Taiwan.This initiative directly aids Syrian refugees and disadvantaged youth by providing educational resources and financial support to nearly 600 students and 24 teachers in the Al-Rukban displaced camp and hundreds Syrian youth in Syria and Turkiye. Lara emphasizes the transformative power of education, stating, “Education is a great and only resource to twist the fate, and my mission is to be the bridge between different cultures, societies, or even ‘worlds,’ to bring balance and distribute the resources and chance in a fair way.”

Beyond her educational ventures, Lara’s humanitarian efforts in Türkiye focus on promoting children’s rights and supporting Syrian refugee women to become economically independent. Her projects not only address immediate needs but also empower women to tell their own stories, further evidenced by her initiative to organize fashion shows showcasing their work.

Lara’s commitment to women’s empowerment shines through her award-winning podcast “ LaraGlobalPedia”,  in series of #HerStoryYourStory, where she shares the stories of female trailblazers who have impacted the world. Winning the Best Women Empower Podcast award in 2023 by BeingShe highlights her influence in inspiring change and fostering empowerment.

Lara reiterates the importance of education in changing destinies, “Education is the key! It changes one’s destiny, especially for those from underprivileged backgrounds.”

“No Pain No Gain! Nothing is for granted. If you want to change your life, you fight for it!” Lara passionately advocates, showcasing her belief in the resilience and potential of underprivileged refugees to overcome challenges and succeed.

Instagram | LinkedIn | Small School Support Project 

6. Nivine Issa | Environmental Pioneer | Sustainable Development Leader

Nivine Issa

Nivine Issa is the Founder and Managing Director of Terra Nexus. With more than 13 years of experience in consulting, Nivine is a reasoned environmental expert and business leader. She was recognized as the Construction Week Middle East’s Female Leader of the Year in 2022 showcasing her achievements and contributions to some of the region’s most prominent projects in the built environment and infrastructure sectors.

At the helm of Terra Nexus, she leads a rapidly growing team dedicated to integrating sustainable development principles into the core of regional projects. The company, founded with the vision to become a comprehensive environmental firm, is already on track to be a leader in environmental consultancy, known for technical and advisory excellence under the principle of “Building with Nature.”

Nivine’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by a flair for business development and people management. With her profound expertise and visionary leadership, she is steering Terra Nexus toward reshaping environmental consulting. Beyond her professional achievements, Nivine is committed to empowering women in the environmental sector, fostering an inclusive culture that elevates female professionals to leadership roles, thereby enriching the industry with diverse perspectives and driving innovative solutions.

LinkedIn | Terra Nexus | Company LinkedIn

7. Liesa Euton | Leadership Development Expert | Women’s Empowerment Advocate

Liesa Euton

Leadership and professional development are crucial fields we should focus on in the current business world. In this regard, Liesa Euton is leading, particularly when we talk about empowering women in this field globally. Liesa Euton is the Director for the MENA & Caribbean regions at EHP International and has pioneered innovative Women’s Leadership workshops focused on empowering women and providing them with critical leadership skills. Her professional roles also extend to being an international speaker, and radio & TV presenter.

Liesa Euton is deeply committed to nurturing female leadership, a commitment that is reflected in her workshops and training solutions. These programs are designed to support women at various levels, from C-suite executives to small business owners, helping them advance in their careers and enhance their organizations’ success.

Under her guidance, EHP International has become a beacon for female empowerment, breaking traditional barriers and fostering an environment where women can thrive in leadership roles. “We believe in equipping women with the tools they need to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and take charge of their futures,” Liesa states. Through her efforts, Liesa continues to inspire a new generation of women to rise to leadership positions and drive meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

LinkedIn | EHP International | Company LinkedIn

8. Olena Kurchyna | Trailblazing Entrepreneur | Co-founder of ELAN Professional Line 

Olena Kurchyna - women entrepreneur

Olena Kurchyna Co-founder of ELAN Professional Line, is revolutionizing the beauty industry by driving innovation and setting trends since 2015. She has led ELAN to become the first exclusive brand for professional brow and makeup artists, exponentially shaping the industry’s standards. 

ELAN has transformed into a global powerhouse encompassing brands like Disal and LAvHair. The company now offers multiple services, including the ELAN Lash and Brow Beauty Lounge franchise, private label manufacturing, and expansive brand development. Olena’s visionary approach extends to overseeing one of the industry’s largest training operations, educating around 5,000 students annually in multiple languages and hosting major international events like the ELAN Asia Show. 

Reflecting on her journey, Olena states, “To start with, I am definitely proud that we are among the key players in the lash and brow industry—reshaping the understanding of how the services should look like. We do a lot—training around 5,000 students online and offline per year, in different languages, having an international team. We started as a beauty salon—circumstances made us be hardworking, thinking, and making decisions fast. Today, we are an international company providing, apart from our own brands ELAN, Disal, and LAvHair (manufactured and developed at our own cosmetic factory), ELAN Lash and Brow Beauty Lounge franchise, private label manufacturing, brand development, beauty education opportunities, import/export, beauty supply. We host the largest conferences and events at ELAN Asia Show, bringing together 500 people from 35 countries.”

Olena’s philosophy underscores her entrepreneurial spirit: “Consistency is a step ahead to where you want to be. Do everything with love and passion and believe in all that you do.” By fostering an environment where female entrepreneurs can thrive, Olena continues to inspire and cultivate the next generation of women leaders in business. 

LinkedIn | ÉLAN Kimya | Elan Official | ÉLAN Lash & Brow Beauty Lounge

9. Sagarika Chakraborty | Organizational Consulting Leader  | CEO, Gulf and Africa at IIRIS GAC

Sagarika Chakraborty

Sagarika Chakraborty, a corporate lawyer turned risk mitigator, is recognized as a top influential woman in risk advisory consulting, technology, and intelligence services. As CEO to the Gulf and Africa operations at IIRIS GAC (part of IIRIS Group of Companies), she has expertly handled diverse engagements, from risk and security strategy assessment to financial analytical services and regulatory compliance. Her leadership extends to roles handling critical projects pertaining to infosec management, non performing loan management for both government and private entities, showcasing her capabilities in executive protection and risk mitigation. 

With over 17 years of experience, Sagarika has been pivotal in driving technological advancements and mitigating business risks. Her commitment to empowering women in risk consulting is evident as she navigates challenges with resiliency and creativity. “As a woman leader in risk consulting and technology, I have welcomed challenges as opportunities for personal and professional development. The story of  gender-based myths in these areas has been significantly shaped by my dedication to innovation and result oriented solutions,” she states. 

Sagarika’s innovative approach has led projects that use technology backed by strategic approaches to enhance corporate growth and resiliency. ” Strategic intelligence backed innovation and technology adoption are essential for reducing corporate risks and creating new opportunities,” she reflects. Adding further, she emphasizes, “We open the door for long-term success and economic growth by leading programs that make use of technology, backed by intelligence and risk based approaches.” 

Under her leadership IIRIS has emerged as industry leaders in being a technology driven risk mitigation and intelligence management firm. With offices across more than 10 countries and operations spread over 200+ worldwide locations, IIRIS helps clients in matters of technology / infosec management, tactical and physical risk mitigation and critical intelligence discoveries. “Business intelligence is integral to effective risk consulting. We use strategic foresight and data-driven insights to help organizations easily navigate uncertainties and quickly seize new opportunities,” Sagarika remarks.

LinkedIn | IIRIS Consulting | Company LinkedIn

10. Silvia Mogas | Visionary Leader in Web3 and Blockchain

Silvia Mogas


Silvia Mogas is a visionary leader in the Web3 and Blockchain sectors, renowned for her innovative approach and expertise in brand building. With nearly two decades of diverse industry experience, she is the CEO and Founder of BMBWeb3, an agency that supports Web2 brands transitioning into the Web3 domain and offers strategic and marketing services to Web3 native companies. In 2023, Silvia was honored as one of the Top 100 Women of the Future and recognized by LinkedIn as a leading voice in Web3 and Marketing Strategy. Additionally, she was selected as one of the 30 entrepreneurs to be part of the US Embassy and Foment del Treball program.

Silvia’s career is a testament to her commitment to innovation and excellence. She has successfully integrated her passion for marketing and blockchain into thriving enterprises, guiding businesses through the evolving digital landscape. As an international speaker, lecturer, mentor, and advisor, Silvia shares her insights and experiences at global conferences and events. She is also a frequent contributor to Radio Intereconomia and hosts a Rug Radio Twitter Space called HYPE, where she discusses Marketing in Web3.

Reflecting on her journey, Silvia shares, “Success is about creating opportunities and building memorable brands that make a difference. It’s about continuous learning and adapting to new challenges with resilience and determination.”

Silvia passionately advocates for women’s empowerment in tech, emphasizing, “Empowerment is not just about giving women opportunities; it’s about creating an environment where they can thrive, innovate, and lead. When women are supported, the entire ecosystem benefits, driving progress and fostering a more inclusive future.”

In the tech industry, where women are still underrepresented, Silvia urges, “We must recognize and address unconscious biases and strive for true equality, not just to meet numbers. Believe in your potential, break through barriers, and pave the way for the next generation of female leaders. Together, we can redefine what’s possible.”

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | BMBWeb3

Inspiring Future Generations

The growing success of women entrepreneurs is changing industries and promoting gender equality and economic inclusiveness. These leaders bring fresh ideas and solutions, often advocating for diversity and teamwork. Their achievements inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly young women and girls, showing the importance of having support like funding, mentorship, and strong networks. This kind of empowerment is crucial for creating a more inclusive economic future and encouraging more women to step into entrepreneurial roles.


As we look back in the years and the decades, women leaders have grown exponentially. They are not just running their businesses; they are leading it, transforming it, advancing it! From promoting gender equality to ensuring an enhanced work ecosystem, their contributions and ideas are remarkable. The above-mentioned women are no exception to the fact of bringing positive results in different industries worldwide.

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