Questions Arise Over the Gaza Truce Deal as Israel-Hamas Fighting Rages

Questions Arise Over the Gaza Truce Deal as Israel-Hamas Fighting Rages

Palestinian Territories, or RAFAH: Heavy violence erupted for the third day since US President Joe Biden’s White House statement on Monday, casting doubt on a proposal for a Gaza truce and hostage release arrangement.
On Friday, Biden unveiled what he called an Israeli three-phase plan that would free all captives, put an end to the horrific conflict, and allow the destroyed Palestinian region to be rebuilt without Hamas holding power.
Netanyahu’s administration emphasized on Saturday, meanwhile, that Israel would continue the war it began on October 7 when Palestinian terrorists attacked southern Israel, until all of its “goals are achieved,” including the annihilation of Hamas’s capacity for both armed action and political rule.

The degree of coordination between Biden’s speech and Netanyahu’s staff on key issues, such as the duration of any truce and the timing of detainee release, has been called into question by Israeli media.
Afterwards, the mediators—the US, Qatar, and Egypt—expressed their desire for “finalizing the agreement embodying the principles outlined by President Joe Biden” with “both Hamas and Israel.”
John Kirby, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, stated on Sunday that “Israel would say yes if Hamas agrees to the proposal.”

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