Meetings of the Saudi-Kuwaiti Coordination Council are Chaired by Foreign Ministers

Meetings of the Saudi-Kuwaiti Coordination Council are Chaired by Foreign Ministers

The Saudi Press Agency said that the second meeting of the Saudi-Kuwaiti Coordination Council was led by the foreign ministers of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on Monday.

The council, according to Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan, represented King Salman and Sheikh Meshal’s desire to strengthen ties between their nations.

Prince Faisal further emphasized the significance of the council and its committees as a productive forum and institutional instrument that influences the two nations’ respective fields of endeavor.

The minister expressed his excitement about working tirelessly to make the council’s recommendations a reality.

In order to bring security and stability to the two countries, their peoples, and the region, Prince Faisal and Abdullah Ali Al-Yahya both underlined the significance of political cooperation, cooperative coordination at the bilateral, regional, and international levels, and solidifying positions in a way that serves shared interests.

In order to protect their nations’ security, they also emphasized the significance of enhancing current collaboration, coordinating actions to stop terrorism and its funding, and sharing counterterrorism best practices.

They commended the collaboration that has led to the movement of money and intraregional trade, which facilitates reciprocal investments between the two nations.

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